EICE 2016 will count with the official academic certification issued by the University CEU Cardenal Herrera

Attendees who are presenting at the conference will also receive a specific accreditation for their contribution.

Participation at the EICE Conference 2016 to be held in Valencia from the 6th to the 8th May 2016 will imply 16 training hour academic certification issued by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University (under the provisions ORDER 65/2012 of October 26th, of the Education, Training and Employment Department). According to Fernando Serrano, member of the organizing committee, this recognition “implies specific benefits for active teachers in the public service concerning merit competition”. Besides, attendees presenting at EICE 2016, ” will receive a specific and nominal certificate which will state the name of their contribution.”

The Education Vice Dean at CEU-UCH University, points out that in the current education environment, trilingualism is already “a reality” and therefore, training activities as it is EICE 2016 represent “an opportunity to complete personal training for education professionals” while maintaining “an update on last minute developments in multilingual training. ”

Serrano also points out that it’s an ideal moment to contact other professionals in the educational field and establish “new links for future projects” as well as to meet ” outstanding speakers in this field.

Regarding the participant’s profile in this international conference of Teaching in English, Serrano states that it is very wide, from the professionals already experts and “aware of the need for continuous training and updating” to Education Degree or any specific Postgraduate students.

Registration for the Conference can be done through the web page’s form: (www.congresoeice2016.com), and includes admission as attendee at all plenary sessions, communications and workshops as well as lunch on May 7th

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